Best Smart Locks Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday Deals

Best Smart Locks Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday Deals

As we get closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, there are more and more deals being announced for smart locks. If you’re in the market for a new smart lock, it’s definitely worth checking out the sales going on this year. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best deals available for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’ll also offer some tips for choosing the right smart lock for your needs. Keep reading to learn more!

Factors to Consider Before Buying Smart Locks

There are many factors to consider before purchasing a smart lock. These factors include security, keypad, connectivity, and tamper alarms. You can find a great smart lock that meets your needs at a fair price. Read on to learn more. You’ll be surprised at the many choices you have.


One of the most important security factors to consider when buying a smart lock is encryption. Using AES encryption is a must. There are a number of different levels of encryption, but the highest is 256-bit. In addition, the smart lock should be connected to a secure router to prevent hacking.

Another security factor to consider when buying a smart lock is battery life. The majority of smart lock models operate on batteries and can last up to a year depending on usage. They also usually come with backup systems. However, some people are still apprehensive about buying an electrical door lock. This is due to the fact that these locks require some indirect handling.

The temperature range of the smart lock is also an important consideration. It is a good idea to choose a model that is suitable for your home. Some smart locks can be installed with an existing deadbolt. This is useful for renters who have the permission of their landlord. However, most smart locks are meant to replace a deadbolt. This requires more installation effort than buying a standalone lock.

Some smart locks also have voice control capabilities. Some are even integrated with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This is a great feature, but it can also pose a security vulnerability. To combat this risk, some smart locks require a security code. However, this security feature is not available on every model.

Another security feature to consider before buying a smart lock is its ability to resist hacking. A well-built smart lock will be more difficult to pick than a traditional one. Hackers will need to use advanced techniques to gain access. Also, some smart locks will prevent hackers from obtaining a spare key.


There are a variety of connectivity options available for smart locks. Before you buy a smart lock, find out how it will connect to your home network. Many systems use cellular connectivity or broadband connectivity. You should also find out whether the lock will require a gateway or a new radio frequency network.

Connectivity is essential for a smart lock to work with a smart home hub. The most common radio technologies are Zigbee and Z-Wave. Bluetooth-based locks are also available and can be upgraded to Zigbee and Z-Wave. Another popular smart home hub is the Wink Hub.

Connectivity options vary with each model. Bluetooth locks, for example, connect directly to your smartphone. The keypad of a Bluetooth lock can be controlled remotely. Other locks require a hub device, which will allow you to control multiple devices. This can be convenient when you don’t want to install a separate app for each type of device.

Wi-Fi is another important connectivity feature. Wi-Fi allows you to control your smart lock from a remote location. However, Wi-Fi doesn’t have as far of a range as Bluetooth. Bluetooth locks are better suited for homes that aren’t fully automated. In addition to being easier to use, Bluetooth smart locks don’t require a hub to use.

Smart locks that use the Z-wave standard can pair with several other devices. If your home has other compatible smart gadgets, such as Philips Hue lights, you can use these hubs to control your smart locks. The range of the Z-wave connection is typically 120 feet. This is a considerable distance, but you can extend the range by using additional Z-wave devices or hubs.


When buying smart locks, there are many factors to consider, including the materials used to construct them and the reliability of the hardware. The metals used should be strong and durable and the deadbolt technology should be tested for reliability in the field. In addition, you should consider the research team behind the product. You want to look for an experienced mix of security experts and technology innovators.

There are a variety of security features available, but the most common way to hack IoT devices is through phishing. This is often accomplished through emails or by logging in as the user. To ensure the safety of your property, you can purchase a smart lock that includes multi-factor authentication or two-factor authentication.

Another important factor is compatibility with existing smart home hubs. Many smart locks come with Bluetooth support, but do not support WiFi or other smart home networks. Look for devices that can communicate with your home network with a radio module. You can also choose a smart lock that supports the ZigBee or Z-Wave network.

Smart locks are more expensive than normal locks, and you can opt for a piecemeal or all-in-one system to lower your upfront costs. While piecemeal smart locks are cheaper upfront, they can be more difficult to install and manage. Therefore, you need to decide whether an all-in-one smart lock system is the best option for you.

Different brands offer different locking systems. It is important to choose the right one for your property, as well as consider the amount of codes you need at any given time. Some locks offer scheduled key codes, so you can set different codes for certain periods of time. Others feature an activity history log. These features can help you to protect your home while you’re away.

Tamper alarms

Tamper alarms on smart locks can help prevent break-ins, deter intruders, and protect your home. This type of technology prevents access to the inner workings of smart locks and prevents external magnetic fields from affecting Hall-effect sensors. Tamper alarms on smart locks can also notify you through a smart lock’s app when the lock is tampered with.

To minimize the chances of your smart lock being hacked, make sure that you have a strong password for it. Also, if you have a wireless network, make sure it is connected to a secure router. Then, you can use the app to control the lock remotely. Lastly, keep your smart lock updated with software updates, much like the tune-ups for your car. These updates usually include additional security features.

Rose first contacted the manufacturer of the smart lock. The company quickly took down their website, but some models are still available on Amazon. Rose then used a technique known as device spoofing to bypass the lock’s security measures. He used a Raspberry Pi to impersonate the smart lock’s cloud server, and he then sent it his password.

Many smart locks have access logs that help you keep track of when someone has accessed a door. This makes it easier for you to monitor who is entering and exiting a building. Some smart locks also have tamper alarms. They can also alert you via email and text if someone tries to tamper with your door. The app can also be set up to automatically lock the door if tampered with.

Software updates

The latest smart lock software update has bricked some of Lockstate’s models. Lockstate is a company that integrates with the Airbnb accommodation rental platform, which enables hosts to automatically generate one-time codes for their Airbnb guests. As a result, the update has bricked two models of the company’s smart locks.

The firmware update is released periodically. These updates improve the lock’s connection speed and reliability. They also enhance features such as Auto-Lock. The update process begins automatically when a user connects to their lock using their phone. The update process can take up to five to 15 minutes. To complete the process, the user must connect the lock to the phone using Bluetooth. Once it’s complete, the lock will notify the user that the firmware update has been completed.

If you have a U-Tec lock, you can update the firmware by using the U-tec App. This will allow you to use the latest features of the lock. This upgrade will improve Auto Lock, battery life, and motor control. To use the app, you must be within five feet of your lock. You will also need to make sure that the lock’s Bluetooth is turned on.

Smart locks require software updates to keep them functioning properly. Most lock manufacturers encrypt the communications so that hackers can’t hack them. A trustworthy developer of smart locks will also encrypt all communications between the lock and the software. The latest firmware updates should be installed to avoid unauthorized access. However, it’s worth noting that many robberies are crimes of convenience and often involve an unlocked door or garage door.

Smart locks require an active Internet connection. If your device is connected to a router, you’ll need to update the software. The update should also allow for automatic auto-unlocking and third-party integration.


Celebrate the Christmas holiday with big savings on a brand new smart lock for your home! Check out our list of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to find the best prices on the latest and greatest in home security technology. With these amazing discounts, there’s never been a better time to upgrade your old, traditional locks to something smarter, stronger, and more secure. So don’t wait – take advantage of these limited-time offers today and give yourself the gift of peace of mind this holiday season!

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